Great Sales and Service People: Nature or Nurture? | Business Tips

imagesWhen I encounter abominable customer service I can’t help thinking, How did this person ever get hired for this job, let alone pass their sales/service training course?

And that gets me thinking about something our clients often ask us: “If we want our people to have great sales and service skills, should we just search for “naturals” – people born with the disposition and ability to sell and serve skillfully?”  It’s the old “Nature or Nurture?” question.

Yes, you should keep a sharp eye out for naturals.  But I would add, “Good luck with that!”  Experience says you’re going to stumble across that miracle type only once or twice in your whole career.  Because think what it means to be a “natural.”  Courageous, or perhaps fearless.  Personable.  Persistent.  Attentive.  Thoughtful.  Conversational.  Positive.  Logical. And on and on.  Really, what are the odds?

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