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More Walmart ‘rollbacks’ are coming | CNN

Expect to see more bright-red “Rollback” signs at Walmart stores as inflation bites, the company said Thursday.

Rollbacks, or temporary price reductions on an item, are Walmart’s version of a sale. Walmart decides which products to drop prices on based on factors like discounts it receives from suppliers or excess inventory.

Walmart had more products on rollbacks last quarter compared to the previous one — and the company will continue adding them to highlight value prices for shoppers. Why every Costco product is called ‘Kirkland Signature’

“We use rollbacks to communicate not only the reality of prices are coming down at some places, but the emotion or perception we want customers to have about us,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on a post-earnings conference call with analysts.

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Great Sales and Service People: Nature or Nurture? | Business Tips

imagesWhen I encounter abominable customer service I can’t help thinking, How did this person ever get hired for this job, let alone pass their sales/service training course?

And that gets me thinking about something our clients often ask us: “If we want our people to have great sales and service skills, should we just search for “naturals” – people born with the disposition and ability to sell and serve skillfully?”  It’s the old “Nature or Nurture?” question.

Yes, you should keep a sharp eye out for naturals.  But I would add, “Good luck with that!”  Experience says you’re going to stumble across that miracle type only once or twice in your whole career.  Because think what it means to be a “natural.”  Courageous, or perhaps fearless.  Personable.  Persistent.  Attentive.  Thoughtful.  Conversational.  Positive.  Logical. And on and on.  Really, what are the odds?

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5 Sales Mistakes to Avoid | Business News Daily

Every small business owner knows the challenges and importance of closing a sale.

Despite those challenges, there are a number of steps business owners can take to improve their chances of closing a sale, said Brandon Stuerke, president of Advisors Edge Marketing. To help, Stuerke offers solutions to five common sales-lead mistakes.

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5 Simple Sales Lessons for Non-Salespeople | Entrepreneur.com

Garrett Buhl Robinson is not your stereotypical salesperson. But he is one of the most effective salespeople I have ever come across.Robinson is the author of three self-published books and, as any author will tell you, writing a book is much easier than selling a book.

My wife Karen and I caught a glimpse of Robinson as we leisurely strolled through New York City’s Bryant Park. I watched with growing curiosity from a distance as he initiated contact with scores of park-goers.  And if you stop to chat with Garrett Buhl Robinson — trust me on this — you will buy a book.Robinson delivers a rock-solid presentation in his own very simple sales format.

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What Do I Do If My Sale Won’t Close and I’m Experiencing Delays? | AllBusiness.com

Your customer said he was interested in buying from you and now you’re experiencing delays. What do you do when your sale won’t close? Here’s how you can restart your sales process and ideally get the sale.

Polite persistence. Your prospect told you he would get back with you in a week. A week goes by and there’s no response. What do you do? Contact your prospect no more than once a week. Caller ID is not your friend. All people have to do is see your name come up too many times and they’ll never want to speak with you.

Assume innocence. You may not reach your prospect when you call. You should leave a message that is strategic. It must allow your prospect to save face for not calling. You give them a plausible reason for the delay.

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Million-Dollar Startup Secrets | AllBusiness.com

Most small businesses never reach $1 million in annual sales. Instead, they struggle just to survive. Of businesses started in 2004, barely more than half — 56 percent — were still around in 2009, a study from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation found.

In fact, cracking the $1 million barrier at any point in a company’s lifetime is a major achievement. U.S. Census data from 2007 shows that more than three-quarters of the country’s 6 million firms with employees made less than $1 million in revenue. And most solopreneur businesses don’t earn anywhere near that much: According to IRS data for 2008, the average solo business brought in less than $60,000.

Given these sobering numbers, reaching seven figures in a business’s very first year — and with a startup’s often-scarce resources — is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Pop-up store sells chocolate for good deeds, not money | Springwise.com

The price of chocolate

 Chocolatier Anthon Berg recently enabled customers to pay with a good deed, rather than cash, at a pop-up location called The Generous Store.

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How Positive Thinking Affects Your Sales Career | AllBusiness.com

Lots of salespeople seem to have forgotten, or perhaps have never even learned, the many ways they can improve not only their sales performance, but their life performance as well. The future of your sales career may very well rest on the frame of mind that you have in your daily life. Here are several tips that may help you improve this frame of mind and your future.

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A Sales Force Built Around Cold Calling | Inc.com

To thrive in a recession, the sales force at iCore Networks focuses on cold calling

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Do a Sales Job on Yourself – Sales Trust – Entrepreneur.com

The idea is so plain it can be difficult to believe. It seems paradoxical: Stop trying to control your customers and you will get better results than if you try every trick in the book.

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