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Scams Startups Need to be Aware Of | The Startup Magazine

Starting your own business is never easy, but it can be made even harder by scammers that are trying to trick you into parting with your money. Startups are often targeted by criminals because they’re seen as less experienced than bigger businesses, but by educating yourself about some common scams, you’ll be in a much better place to avoid startup scams and ensure the success of your venture.

One of the most common ways that criminals reach out to startups is through phone calls, which is why it’s so important to be wary of unknown numbers. Rather than answering calls from numbers you don’t recognize, use a website like unknownphone.com to try and figure out who is calling. Services like this will show you whether others have had bad experiences with the number that rang you, so you can block them before getting into trouble.

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How startups with brand purpose can thrive | The Startup Magazine

Establishing a start-up business can be daunting, especially with so much competition around. However, one way that is emerging to ensure success is to focus on brand purpose and how your company can connect with customers on a deeper level.

A recent report published by Feefo found that 74% of customers always consider a brand’s values before purchasing from them. But to allow your business to succeed, we must first try to understand brand purpose is so powerful.

Feefo’s Marketing Director, Keith Povey, says: “It’s been an incredibly volatile 12 months for businesses, which has seen a seismic shift in consumer behaviour, some aspects of which will have a long-lasting effect on how buyers think, act and spend. That said, our research shows that for those businesses that are agile and realign their marketing strategies, there are many opportunities to improve brand awareness, perception and loyalty. Those that respond and act with the medium to long term in mind will see greater returns over the next few years than those that see this period as nothing more than a dip, due to external circumstances.”

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Staying Above Water as a Startup | The Startup Magazine

Learn From Those Who Came Before You

Let’s talk about some lessons and strategies that brought hardship and success for businesses we’ve known over the years. Sears, for example, was very successful in the first decades of its establishment. In 1893, Sears was a retail store that set the standard in its industry. The use of the country’s growing railway system at the time gave Sears the leverage needed to one of the best. When cars were becoming more accessible to the American people, Sears had more stores built near major cross streets to be there for its customers.

Be Proactive

Today we are aware that Sears didn’t make the cut, but at the start of its journey, this company was forward-thinking and proactive about being accessible to its consumers. Over time, the leadership of Sears lost sight of its need to be ahead of the game and make decisions that keep them relevant in the industry.

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Make Money Without Losing Family Time | Lucy Reed

Family Time

Being a single parent is difficult on numerous levels. Between taking kids to activities such as sports practices and after-school programs, there is little time left in the day for enjoying their company. Single parenting often is financially stressful as well. Everything falls on your shoulder when you are a single parent. This can be scary or empowering.

For those looking to fill in the income gap on their monthly budget, the increased number of freelancing opportunities may be the perfect way to make some extra income without missing out on family time. At home gig range from doing remote skilled work to selling items online. Most of these jobs require little more than a computer, knowledge about a specific field and the confidence to take a stab at the work.

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6 Startups That Are Helping to Save the Oceans While Still Making Money | Entrepeneur

oceanBrands around the world are increasingly embracing sustainability — and not just for reputation management as it was in the past. A McKinsey survey revealed how many companies are applying sustainability principles to improve their operations and boost productivity and growth.

Most of these companies contribute to sustainability efforts by cutting energy consumption, developing green products and educating their employees. But a few choose sustainability as the basis for their existence right from the start. Below are seven ways in which startups are making money even as they save the oceans.

Americans are splurging on personal loans thanks to fintech startups | Quartz


Ten years on from the credit crisis, Americans are again piling on debtin all its varieties, from credit cards to student loans to mortgages. These days, personal loans—a category turbocharged by fintech upstarts—are growing especially quickly. With an increasing number of shaky borrowers taking on this debt, the risks are growing for lenders during the next economic downturn.

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Built In LA’s 50 Startups to Watch in 2018 | Built in LA

Built In LA's 50 Startups to Watch in 2018

In 2017, Southern California tech raised nearly $7 billion, launching startups across industries and attracting top talent and funding support from local investors. As Los Angeles and Orange Counties have become the established homes to some of the most innovative startups in the world, the expectations for 2018 are high.

With an eye for fresh funding, top talent and innovative technology, Built In LA has carefully selected 50 young companies — all less than five years old — that we believe will make a significant impact on tech over the next 12 months.

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Startups Are Giving Unwanted Foods New Life | Co.Exist 

Food waste isn’t a new problem. People have been grumbling about squandered produce for years. Now entrepreneurs are starting to do something about it: Recently we’ve come across several initiatives that attack the issue in new ways.

One of those is Cerplus, a marketplace for wasted food in the Bay Area. Set up by Zoe Wong in November 2015, it matches food that farmers and wholesalers can’t sell through conventional channels with buyers like restaurants and smoothie-makers. So far, about 16,000 pounds of zucchini, broccoli, strawberries, and the like, have been transacted through the system, she says.

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4 Reasons Your Business Has Stopped Growing | Inc.com

Running a company that exclusively serves the small business market has provided me with countless opportunities to get inside the head of small-business owners.

Many of these small-business owners are essentially in the process of launching a startup. They’re bootstrapped, hustling for every dime of revenue and trying to unlock the secrets to consistent growth.

The harsh reality is that a lot of startups launch, have a little success early on, but then simply stop growing. I’ve come across countless business owners who seem to make the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to growth. Here are four to avoid.

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NASA Says It Will Start Licensing Technology to Startups | Small Biz Trends

Could NASA be looking for funding to gear up for a trip to Mars?

Public interest in manned missions to Mars has been a fantasy for decades and is slowly becoming a reality.

Riding the wave of enthusiasm, NASA has tentative plans for missions to Mars and the asteroid belt. But with the government’s $18 trillion pile-up of debt, how will it be paid for? Perhaps by licensing the right to use technology developed by NASA to energetic new companies.

David Miller, NASA’s chief technologist, says:

“The Startup NASA initiative leverages the results of our cutting-edge research and development so entrepreneurs can take that research — and some risks — to create new products and new services.”

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