How startups with brand purpose can thrive | The Startup Magazine

Establishing a start-up business can be daunting, especially with so much competition around. However, one way that is emerging to ensure success is to focus on brand purpose and how your company can connect with customers on a deeper level.

A recent report published by Feefo found that 74% of customers always consider a brand’s values before purchasing from them. But to allow your business to succeed, we must first try to understand brand purpose is so powerful.

Feefo’s Marketing Director, Keith Povey, says: “It’s been an incredibly volatile 12 months for businesses, which has seen a seismic shift in consumer behaviour, some aspects of which will have a long-lasting effect on how buyers think, act and spend. That said, our research shows that for those businesses that are agile and realign their marketing strategies, there are many opportunities to improve brand awareness, perception and loyalty. Those that respond and act with the medium to long term in mind will see greater returns over the next few years than those that see this period as nothing more than a dip, due to external circumstances.”

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