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Why Ben & Jerry’s has a corporate activism manager | Fast Company

At a time when mainstream corporations and CEOs are increasingly vocal about politics–from United and other airlines denouncing family separations, to Delta cutting ties with the NRA after the Parkland shooting, and companies like Dow Chemical and even Exxon urging Trump to keep the U.S. in the Paris climate agreement–Ben & Jerry’s may still be the only company with an in-house “activism manager” pushing consumers to become more politically involved as they enjoy their pint of Chunky Monkey.

“It’s still much more unusual to see that sort of consumer-facing advocacy and engagement,” says Chris Miller, the ice-cream brand’s social mission activism manager, who previously worked with Greenpeace and Bernie Sanders.

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Dogs Violently Thrown Into Street Deserve Justice – ForceChange

Dogs Violently Thrown Into Street Deserve Justice

Target: Hillar C. Moore III, District Attorney for East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Goal: Demand that the man who violently threw two dogs into the street be charged with animal cruelty and receive the maximum penalty by law.

Two dogs were violently thrown into the street in a shocking case of animal cruelty. A video posted online showed a man swinging the dogs around with their leashes before throwing them toward the street. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

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Save Fish and Reptiles From Unrestrained Cruelty and Abuse | ForceChange

Save Fish and Reptiles From Unrestrained Cruelty and Abuse

Target: Congressman Michael Conaway, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture

Goal: Don’t allow cold-blooded animals to be abused and exploited for private gain.

The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 remains the only piece of major federal U.S. legislation that affords protections to animals. While the law ensures that animals dealers, researchers, and exhibitors be licensed and meet certain standards for animal housing and care, the Animal Welfare Act currently only covers warm-blooded mammals. Despite numerous revisions to the law since its enactment, cold-blooded animals remain excluded. These animals deserve respect and protection as well.

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Pepsi Must Cut Ties With Palm Oil Plantation Using Child Labor | ForceChange

Pepsi Must Cut Ties With Palm Oil Plantation Using Child Labor

Target:  Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

Goal: Pepsi must cut ties with a palm oil plantation found to be using child labor.

Pepsi is supplied by a palm oil plantation that uses child labor to harvest its product. The palm oil plantation Indofood produces products for PepsiCo’s snacks and has been found to have profited off abusive child labor.In addition to dangerous child labor, Indofood has also been accused of union busting and exposing its workers to dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Workers have also been found to make less than the required minimum wage.Millions of children are suffering on palm oil plantations around the world. Pepsi must sever its ties with palm oil plantations abusing children. Sign the petition to demand that Pepsi lead the way among other major companies and engage in sustainable, fair, and safe production practices.

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Praise Tyson Foods For Dropping Abusive Supplier | ForceChange

Praise Tyson Foods For Dropping Abusive Supplier Posted by Lindsay Savitzky

Target: Tom Hayes, CEO of Tyson Foods

Goal: Commend Tyson company for cutting ties with supplier accused of horrific cruelty toward chickens.

Tyson Foods has terminated its contract with Atlantic Farms after a video was released which seemed to reveal horrific cruelty taking place at the facility. Workers at the facility were reportedly seen crushing, stomping, and stabbing chickens in addition to throwing sick birds onto piles of dead ones. The conditions in which the birds are allegedly forced to live in are deplorable.

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Michigan Resident Diana Hussein Trades Valuable Twitter Handle for Water Donations to Flint | The Weather Channel

With great Twitter power comes great responsibility. At least, that’s the lesson this week after the owner of the @DietDrPepper Twitter handle made an epic deal with Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

But Diana Hussein didn’t want money or even free soda for life in exchange for her undoubtedly valuable Twitter handle. All she wanted was for water to be donated to Flint, Michigan, to aid in their water crisis.

Hussein, a communications specialist, has lived in Dearborn, Michigan, for almost 25 years. She says there’s a strong sense of community within Dearborn, within the Detroit Metro area and in connection to Flint.

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The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’ | US news | The Guardian

black siteAlleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:

  • Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.
  • Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
  • Shackling for prolonged periods.
  • Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility.
  • Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.

At least one man was found unresponsive in a Homan Square “interview room” and later pronounced dead.

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This isn’t like the secret police, this IS the secret police.  You should be pissed and complaining about this to anyone who will listen.  Note that this is a BRITISH newspaper exposing this travesty.  – Ed

A “Yelp For Cops” To Rate The Police–And It Was Made By High School Students | Fast Company

Police YelpNine days after unarmed Michael Brown was shot by a police officer, and after days of police aiming tear gas, rubber-coated bullets, pepper balls, and beanbag rounds at protesters, a group of young students from Georgia released one response to the problem of police abuse: A new app that that lets citizens rate any interaction with a cop.

“We’ve been hearing a lot about the scary, negative issues occurring in the media, for example, most recently, the Michael Brown case,” says 16-year-old Ima Christian, who built the app along with siblings Caleb, 14, and Asha, 15, with help from Joshua, age 10.

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Confession | because I said I would.

The video speaks for itself. I found it while scanning CNN online.  Mathew Cordle confessed to the drunk driving death of Vincent Canzani in Ohio last June. Watch it and draw your own conclusions.

What is more amazing is the good that will come of this. The site it is posted on, because I said I would. is a social change site that encourages people to keep their promises by writing and exchanging promise cards. An idea that I would have thought was a nice piece of piffle, until I saw this video.

What Matthew Cordle did was horrible; what he did about it is amazing. because I said I would was the vehicle for it.

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Your Nail Polish Could be Toxic |

nail polishDid you know your favorite nail polish contains toxic chemicals? Going by recent research, the nail polishes you commonly use contain at least three harmful chemicals.

Investigators at the California Department of Toxic Substances Control sampled as many as 25 brands of nail polishes commonly used in California salons and found that 10 of 12 samples that claim to be free of toluene actually contained the substance in a serious level.

They also discovered that five of the seven samples that claim to be free of the “toxic trio” actually contained those in dangerous levels. The three toxins – dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde – may cause serious health problems, including asthma, birth defects, cancer, and other chronic health conditions.

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