How to Sell Your Company for More | Small Business Trends

Many small business owners’ dreams are to sell their company for a lot of money. What can you do today to make the likelihood of that happening and hit the payday that you want?

On The Small Business Radio this week, I talked to John Vitti,  who is a serial entrepreneur who after successfully launching and exiting three companies (at the multimillion dollar level) within the consumer space, is now the CEO of his newest venture called VersusGame, an entertainment prediction-based gaming app that puts trending topics about celebrities, pop culture and sports a classic “this” versus “that” competition. Since its launch in 2019, VersusGame has grown significantly, with millions in cash prizes to millions of players.

John hopes when people start a business their reason isn’t just to sell it because this may not align with helping their customers. But he adds “if you are successful and create value, someone will buy it.”

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