Higher Education in the Face of New Technologies Is an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in higher education. Higher education includes general, technical or professional education, which requires a level of training greater than or equal to the baccalaureate or its equivalent. During the moments of confinement, the research laboratories were closed, the courses were given remotely, and the students and staff, not being used to this mode of operation, were forced to adapt despite the increase in social inequalities, xenophobia and student mental health issues.

Almost two years after the confinements, higher education is becoming more than necessary to focus on other future eventualities, considering the world’s socio-economic needs: economy and community. Not only has the pandemic redirected higher education, but the challenges and issues related to public evolution and the strong presence of digital technology today require the university to set new objectives and different methods based on innovation using technological tools.

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