What to Know About Banner Advertising | The Startup Magazine

There are a lot of different places you can advertise online, but also different styles of advertising.  One of the most used forms of digital advertising is the banner ad. Banner ads are also called display ads. These ads function as digital billboards, using imagery to get attention. The ultimate goal of banner advertising is to drive traffic to the business site.

These ads are placed on high-traffic places on web pages to create brand awareness and also click-throughs and purchases. A high-visibility location can include the front of a webpage but also the bottom or side.

They’re good for getting attention pretty easily, and they don’t use a lot of text. Instead, banner ads rely on multimedia and images to get messages across.

If a banner is horizontal, it’s technically known as a leaderboard. Vertical banners placed on sidebars are known as skyscrapers.

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