Small Business Grants with a March Deadline | Small Business Trends

Looking for extra money for your small business? Applying for small business grants may help. There are currently opportunities for minority-owned companies, agriculture businesses, startups, and businesses affected by COVID-19. The following small business grant opportunities have a March deadline, so check them out right away.

Grants with a March Deadline to Apply

The clock’s ticking on these business grant opportunities:

American Express and Main Street American Inclusive Backing

American Express and Main Street America offer a $1.65 million grant program called Inclusive Backing. The program offers more than 250 grants of $5,000 throughout the year in four cycles. Businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and those owned by underrepresented groups are given preference. And each cycle has a specific focus to serve as many different types of businesses as possible. The second cycle offers grants for personal service businesses like dry cleaners, tailors, and spas. The application portal is open now through March 1.

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