Accounting Methods: Cash vs. Accrual |

Is cash accounting or accrual accounting the best method for your business to use?

  • Cash and accrual accounting are two methods for financial reporting.
  • Individuals, small businesses and sole proprietorships use cash accounting to record revenues and expenditures when money is exchanged.
  • Accrual accounting maintains that credits and debits exist even if a monetary transaction has not been made. Many kinds of companies use this methodology.
  • This article is for business owners considering whether to use a cash or accrual accounting system.

Cash accounting and accrual accounting methods each have their advantages and disadvantages, but once you pick a particular accounting method it is important to apply it consistently. So how do you know which accounting method is best for your business? If you’re going to be tied to the method of accounting you choose, you want to make the optimal choice. This guide offers an overview of each accounting method and advice to help you choose the best one for your small business.

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