How to Improve Your Online Bios: 6 Tips | The Startup Magazine

Your website and social media bios could use a facelift. These blurbs are among the first results most people see when searching your name online. They’re unlikely to include negative information unless you have a self-destructive streak, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work as hard as possible to make your online bio as attractive as possible.

Your career and reputation could depend on it.

Improving your online bios and “about” pages won’t take hours upon hours of your time. Once you know what you need to say and how to say it, the process should go quickly. To get started, follow these six proven tips.

Get to the Point in the First Two Sentences

Short and sweet: that’s the online bio mantra. Get to the point in the first two sentences: name, current title, location, specialty. Anything else can wait until the second paragraph and beyond, including the happy but less-important details about your family, early life, and education.

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