How to Successfully Market Your Business With Voice Search |

Just a few short years ago, voice search was a bit of a novelty. But similar to other technologies, voice search has matured to the point where marketers can no longer ignore it. To be competitive, it’s become necessary to include voice as an essential component of your marketing strategy. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Voice search is highly accurate

In the past, if you wanted relevant answers from a voice recognition technology, well—good luck with that. But today, machine learning systems can compete with people in terms of accuracy. Google’s voice recognition, for example, boasts a 95% word accuracy rate for English.

These improvements mean that, while you can trust good voice systems to match customers with the right products, services, or information with increasing degrees of nuance, leading businesses already have set customer expectations for delivery. Translation: buyers aren’t going to tolerate subpar systems.

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