Just Do It Tomorrow: The Powerful Science of Procrastination | Blinkist

It’s Thursday afternoon, 15:00, and you’re sitting at your computer, pretty worn out after a long week at work. But then an email from your boss drops into your inbox. “We could do with that report you’re working on. Urgently.” Obviously, you immediately drop everything else, and rush to finish it. When you finally hand it in, you are filled with an enormous sense of accomplishment: look how quickly I can work! Your mind croons. I’m so productive. And yet, the following morning, your boss returns that report, highlighting many instances of sloppy work. In your rush to finish it quickly, mistakes snuck in. Why is this? Why does pushing to finish something end up breeding errors which will just take additional time to correct? The answer lies in the two systems of the brain, most famously outlined by Daniel Kahneman in his bestselling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow.

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