The White Glove Treatment | Boaz Rauchwerger

Last Tuesday, when I spoke for a great group of CEO’s in Milwaukee, I noticed something very interesting. It was a good example of how some people take customer service to a whole new level and make a very positive impression.

The event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn, on West Park Place, at the Good Hope Road exit on Routes 41/45.

The meeting was in a part of the ballroom. Outside the room the hotel had set up a buffet for lunch for the group. While everyone was having lunch, and discussing some business issues, I noticed that the young lady taking care of the group was very attentive.

She smiled, was courteous, and yet very quiet as she cleared plates when people were through with their lunch.

And then I noticed something interesting about her. She wore white gloves.

I don’t remember, other than at very formal banquets, seeing the wait staff wearing white gloves.

It made such an impression on me that I’m talking to you about it. The subconscious interpretation, for me, was that the Hilton Garden Inn in Milwaukee treats its guests with kit gloves. They make people feel special. They go the extra mile.

I had another “ah ha” moment on that trip, during the flight home. The last leg of the flight was from Denver to Orange County. I was on Frontier Airlines, an airline which, for perhaps routing reasons, I have not flown much on in recent years.

On the plane I was on, they had television monitors on the backs of the seats. If you wanted to watch any television shows or movies during the flight, you were instructed to swipe your credit card.

As I got to my seat, I had put my IPad and headphones in the seat pocket. A nice flight attendant walked by and related that I had to put the IPad in the luggage bin above until takeoff. She related that she would come back, after takeoff, and give it back to me.

A little while later she did come back, after we were up in the air, and gave me back the IPad. For whatever reason, she then swiped her own card to turn on my TV screen. I don’t know why she did that. It was unexpected and a very nice gesture.

However, it made such a positive impression on me that I’m talking about Frontier Airlines and telling you that they employ very nice people.

Some people worry about business. Other people handle customers with kit gloves and attract more business.

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness! Have a powerful day!

A Kit Gloves Affirmation

I make people feel important by treating them in a very special way.

Boaz Rauchwerger is a speaker, author, consultant and trainer. He is also a contributor to the Lifetime Network program,’ The Balancing Act’.

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