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Winning Your Own Lottery | Boaz Rauchwerger

Many years ago, I worked in radio and television news. A lot has changed in the broadcast news business in recent years.
This past week, especially later in the week, the biggest story in the U.S. appeared to be the record $640 million up for grabs in the Mega Millions Lottery. Some people waited in line for up to 4 hours in order to buy tickets.
Even though the odds of winning the big prize were something like 170 million to 1, many people wanted to buy a chance because they thought about the dramatic changes they could make in their lives with instant wealth.
What if we could set up a process that, in time, could literally make it possible for all of us to win our own personal lottery?
Contrary to what I used to think, it’s not how much we make that makes the difference. It’s how much we keep.
Otherwise, how would you explain the story about a little old librarian in Vermont, who never earned a lot of money in any given year, who retires after 40 years with several hundred thousand dollars in her bank account?
Maybe she decided to keep some of the money she made every year.
So, what if each of us was willing to make a few changes that might make it possible to win our own personal lottery? What would it take to do that? Here are some options:
1. Live a little below our means and pay off all debts.
2. Stop charging and pay in cash. What’s wrong with saving for something instead of charging?
3. Save some money every day, even if we start with a dollar a day.
4. Prepare a sack lunch to take to work instead of buying lunch every day.
5. If possible, ride a bike to work. That’s great exercise and you’ll save the gas.
6. Make a list, for 30 days, of where every one of your dollars is going and look for ways to trim back unnecessary expenditures.
Implementing such ideas, I believe, will raise the odds on each of us ultimately winning our own personal lottery.
You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness! Have a powerful day!
A Personal-Lottery Affirmation
I keep more of what I make because I make good decisions with money.
Boaz Rauchwerger is a speaker, author, consultant and trainer. He is also a contributor to the Lifetime Network program,’ The Balancing Act’.www.boazpower.com

What Are You Retiring From? | Boaz Rauchwerger

There’s a lot of talk, especially in light of the developments of recent years, about retirement. Unfortunately, many people have lost much of their retirement nest eggs due to problems in real estate or in the stock market.

I received an interesting note the other day from a long-time friend, Dana Borowka, of Lighthouse Consulting, in Santa Monica, California. He offered a different view of retirement. Here is what he wrote:

“Last week I was thinking about retirement and what it means. The thought came – what am I going to retire from? Then the idea came – Today I’m retiring from fear and stress! I’ve shared that with a few people and the look on everyone’s face is – of course. They loved it.”

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The White Glove Treatment | Boaz Rauchwerger

Last Tuesday, when I spoke for a great group of CEO’s in Milwaukee, I noticed something very interesting. It was a good example of how some people take customer service to a whole new level and make a very positive impression.

The event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn, on West Park Place, at the Good Hope Road exit on Routes 41/45.

The meeting was in a part of the ballroom. Outside the room the hotel had set up a buffet for lunch for the group. While everyone was having lunch, and discussing some business issues, I noticed that the young lady taking care of the group was very attentive.

She smiled, was courteous, and yet very quiet as she cleared plates when people were through with their lunch.

And then I noticed something interesting about her. She wore white gloves.

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