Through the Looking Glass…Killer SEO Tools

Through the Looking Glass…Killer SEO Tools

DISCLAIMER: As far as the internet goes, I am a hack. I know very little about what most of the stuff I’m going to share with you.

On the other hand, I think the information provided by these tools does provide insight into how your website is ranked and what you can do about it. At the very least, it provides enough understanding about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that you will have a better shot at knowing what your web consultant is saying.

The sites below provide tools for understanding how your keywords are working, the density of them, how the web crawlers find and rate your content. For example: Content is king, so much so that if you pack your content with keywords you may find your site sliding down the rankings. The search engines are looking for a balance of 3 to 7% of the text being keywords. Anything past that is considered keyword spamming. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

That said, there is an education awaiting you at the sites listed below, an education I strongly suggest you undertake if you’re relying on your website for even part of your revenue.

A fantastic SEO tool site is This site is killer because it provides many articles explaining how SEO works and what the output of the tools mean. If you have even only a basic understanding of how websites work, this site will own you. I literally spent hours checking out the tools and reading articles. Better yet, I’ve implemented some of the ideas I have seen. contains a comprehensive battery of tools that produce easy to read results, although many times I had a hard time understanding what those results meant and why they were important. A search for that meaning lead me to

Google Analytics at is a statistical engine you embed in your web pages that reports on the traffic to your website and its characteristics. You can receive information on page views, depth of visit, length of stay, repeat visits and a host of other important measurements of your website’s performance.

You have to embed a small snippet of code in each page you want tracked and it will be a day or two before you see results. But you’re in the dark as far as how to improve your site’s performance without this tool. When you get to the Google site, click on ‘More’ and then ‘Even More’ on the drop down menu. You’ll see the analytics choice on that page.

Go check these out. Your understanding will grow, and you’ll have meaningful questions to ask your web designer or SEO consultant.


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