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As startup layoffs continue, some perspective | TechCrunch

Per Layoffs.fyi, a layoff tracker, over 16,000 tech workers lost their jobs in May, and June is off to a similarly brutal start. TechCrunch’s senior reporter Amanda Silberling and I have accidentally, and unfortunately, started working on a weekly column about the tech layoffs; what first started as a tip-over moment at Thrasio has soon expanded to startups regardless of sector, financing stage or if they had obvious growth tensions or not.

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Sexism in tech: Why a startup founder had sex with an investor | Business Insider

Byron Katie, a great teacher, looks at the world as: “My business. Your business. And God’s business.” All I have control over is my business. No one else’s behavior falls under “my business.” I do control the choices I make and the boundaries I set. That is it. That is all we each have.

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Top women in tech join forces to push startups to tackle diversity earlier | Mashable

A formidable group of prominent women in tech is joining forces to tackle one of the biggest issues plaguing the industry right now: Diversity.

Ellen Pao, the former interim CEO of Reddit, has partnered with a group of seven women from businesses like Pinterest and Slack to launch Project Include.

The non-profit group, revealed on Tuesday, plans to provide recommendations and data to early and mid-stage startups in order to “accelerate diversity and inclusion solutions in the tech industry.”

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2015: The Year in Tech Tweets | CB Insights

tech-tweets-headerFrom VCs crying “bubble” to Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca crossfire, we did a retrospective on the year by digging up our favorite Tweets.

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100 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter, Better, and Wiser | Inc.com

Podcasting is a great way to learn and be inspired. It’s a new use of technology that hearkens back to the original social medium, storytelling.

If you have an interest in entrepreneurship, tech, leadership, business, creativity, or just learning and expanding your mind, here are 100 podcasts that can help you bring your best to all you do.

Pick out a few to start with, then get ready to listen and learn while you’re in the car, on the treadmill, or during your morning commute.

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Humans Are Tech’s Next Big Thing—And That Could Be Risky | WIRED

INTERNET COMPANIES MAKE billions of dollars by capturing one of the world’s most precious commodities: your attention. They need to amuse, amaze, entice, and intrigue you—and millions of users like you—to stay afloat and profit.

But figuring out what you want to read, watch, and see is harder than it looks. At Facebook, serving your wants and needs comes down to algorithms—click on something, and you’ll see more of that thing, and things like it. At Twitter, your desires are met via your choices—follow certain people, you’ll see updates from them. But, when it comes to channeling the most attention-grabbing content, it turns out that automation, or users left to their own devices, might not be enough.

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Google Inks a Deal With Novartis to Make Smart Contact Lenses | Mashable.com

Google’s “smart contact lens” just went from patents to partners.

The Google X project is now officially in lock step with healthcare giant Novartis, the parent of Alcon, which produces some of the most-widely used contact lens products on the market, including Air Optix, FreshLook and Dailies. Novartis will work on turning Google’s lab project into smart contact lenses for people around the world.

A product of Google Research, the smart lenses look like traditional contact lenses. The company’s eye care division, Alcon, will license Google’s smart lens and co-develop them for a variety of ocular medical uses.

Ophthalmic electrochemical sensors in the contact lenses are designed to measure glucose levels and offer real-time updates to an app on a connected mobile device for people with diabetes. Google secured a patent for the technology earlier this year

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SmartThings will let you run your world by smartphone| cnn.money.com

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Kickstarter’s latest tech darling promises to let you run your entire world from your smartphone: Control your air conditioning, lock your doors, or get an alert when your plumbing starts leaking. It’s called SmartThings, and it’s slated to start shipping in December.

SmartThings founder Alex Hawkinson got the idea for a system linking regular household items to the Internet after a power outage in his vacation home caused the basement pipes to explode. When Hawkinson showed up at the house a month later, he wished there had been a way for him to get a notification that something was up before chaos broke out.

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