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Nike’s Space Hippie shoes boast the company’s lowest carbon footprint

A lot of raw material goes into the making of footwear, so the less that can be used, the better for the environment. Nike’s new Space Hippie shoes were designed with that in mind, as they’re composed largely of recycled materials.

Not unlike the Adidas x Parley, the Hippies’ uppers are made mainly of a woven yarn, that is in turn made up of 100-percent recycled materials obtained from sources such as water bottles, discarded T-shirts, and yarn scraps. Even when other materials besides the yarn are taken into account, the uppers are still reportedly 90 percent recycled content by weight.

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Ad of the Day: Nike Gives Babies a Stirring Speech on Unfairness, Ambition and Triumph | Adweek

The marketing side of sports is banking hard on origin stories of late. Obviously, cute babies help too.

Nike’s “Unlimited Future,” by Wieden + Kennedy, opens on a nursery full of future sports stars, including diaper-clad LeBron James, Serena Williams, Neymar, Zhou Qi and Mo Farah. The babies gurgle to the faint music of Chopin’s Berceuse, Op. 57, playing from a plastic radio.

Then the door swings open. Brusquely. A man in a suit and leather shoes stops the jam, and the crowd goes silent.

It’s actor Bobby Cannavale. And he’s shaken off the stale mothball stink of Vinyl.

“Listen up, babies!” he growls, before kicking off the motivational speech that will shape these tiny future-athlete brains in ways that would make Freud fist-pump (as a lone baby does, at the very end).

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Nike Launches GreenXchange for Corporate Idea-Sharing | Fast Company

GreenXchange, a Web-based marketplace that Nike claims will allow “companies [to] collaborate and share intellectual property (IP) which can lead to new sustainability business models and innovation.” In other words, it’s a giant think tank for corporate sustainability.

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