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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPad Could Do | Digital Trends

The iPad is becoming an increasingly versatile tablet. Between the branching out of iPadOS from iOS and the fact that Apple has been leaning into the iPad as a kind of laptop replacement, the iPad has a lot to it. In fact, I’ve actually been using the iPad Pro as a replacement for a laptop for over a year now, and while I still have a Mac Mini that I use for the bulk of my work, I’ve learned a lot about iPadOS and how to get the most out of it.

Interested in getting more out of your iPad? Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know your iPad could do.

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Flipboard’s Quest To Save Online Publishing—And Itself | Fast Company

The iPad was a futuristic gadget when it debuted in April 2010, but the apps it presented offered a rather nostalgic revival of traditional media. Photos, graphics, magazines, and books optimized for its high-res screen featured a print-era visual polish that had been sorely missing from ad-crammed web pages and monochrome ebook readers.

One of the early hits was Flipboard, a graphical embodiment of social media that launched in July 2010. It turned Twitter and Facebook feeds into an online magazine by displaying the photos, articles, or other pages that people linked to. Previews of articles were laid out like items on a newspaper page; and flicking up on the screen triggered a visual effect that looked like flipping pages. Flipboard was among the top 10 iPad apps in its early days, according to rankings by AppAnnie. “It seemed to be a perfectly timed creature of the iPad age, of the tablet age,” says digital advertising consultant Ken Doctor, author of the book Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get.

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A Useful Tool Makes Data Transfer Easier, Quicker and Safer | Lifehack

Have you ever met the situation where you find your iTunes didn’t support to transfer the non-purchased media files when you want to use iTunes to backup music, videos or other files from iPhone, iPad or iPod? Or do you find that it is so troublesome if you want to transfer files from computers to iPhone/iPad/iPod with iTunes? Under these circumstances, you may need a third-party iTunes alternative. Leawo iTransfer, a comprehensive data recovery tool, is proved capable of transferring multiple kinds of data between iOS devices, iTunes and computers within 1 click.

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The iPad’s Glory Days Are Over. Where Does It Go Now? | Mashable

Apple reported its fiscal 2014 fourth quarter results on Monday, and in a surprise to absolutely no one, iPad sales are down again.For the third consecutive quarter, iPad sales have declined year-over-year. On a call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook positioned the decline in sales as “a speed bump, not a huge issue.” Still, Cook conceded that this isn’t where Apple wants to be. “We want to grow. We don’t like negative numbers on these things.” That need for future growth is probably one of the reasons Apple realigned its iPad offerings last week.

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LinkedIn’s Leaky Mobile App Has Access to Your Meeting Notes – NYTimes.com

LinkedIn mobile app subscribers may be surprised to learn that the calendar entries on their iPhones or iPads— which may include details about meeting locations, participants, dial-in information, passwords and sensitive meeting notes — are transmitted back to LinkedIn’s servers without their knowledge.

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Death By iPad | Peter Mehit

I think iPads are really cool. I like that they’re instant on, broadband connected and can deliver the world to you in a compact little package that is easy to use and carry. They are well made, reliable and look really cool. There is no question that they represent a huge change in how information and entertainment is accessed, opening up a deeper internet experience for millions of people. Like all technology, however, there is the other side, the unintended consequences.

The more ubiquitous the iPad is becoming, the more demands there are on our already short attention spans. I was attending a meeting about positioning your business for angel investors. I was a tad late, and entering from the back of the room, my attention was drawn not to the presentation at the front of the room, but to the sea of little illuminated rectangles in front of most of the participants. It stunned me so much that I stood and watched as the contents of the screens changed faster than the presentation. This was not lost on the presenter who looked defeated at the end of his time.

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How to Prevent iPad Shoulder Pain | livescience.com

If your shoulder hurts after using your tablet, you may be able to ease the discomfort by changing how you hold the device, a new study shows.


Compared with users of desktop computers, tablet users are more likey to sit in a flexed posture –

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iPad scammers swindle $180 from South Carolina woman – latimes.com

Examine your purchases carefully. Thanks to Dan Williford for the article. – Ed.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPad (Yet) | Fast Company

Apple’s iPad arrives in stores tomorrow and reviewers agree that it’s a magic revolutionary new class of computer. But you shouldn’t buy one. Not yet, anyway.

Let’s break this down.

First-generation Apple products are for suckers.

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