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6 Marketing Translation Tips to Grow a Small Business | AllBusiness.com

When it comes to the global market, many people tend to think of it as a playground for big businesses. But that doesn’t have to be the case—it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to do business abroad, thanks to the possibilities of digital marketing and international logistics.

But if you want your business to truly reach a global audience, you need to speak to them on their terms; English alone isn’t going to cut it. Research shows that 76% of consumers around the world prefer to buy products with information in their own language.

What this means is that any business looking to break into a foreign market needs to consider marketing translation a part of their expansion strategy. If you look at successful businesses with a solid global reach, you’ll find that they make the effort to reach out to customers in their native language in many areas, including product design, advertising, and customer service.

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How Building Relationships Helped Build My Business | Entrepreneur

When Anne Marie Berger started ForeFront Corp. two decades ago, it was a one-woman business and she thought she’d keep it that way. But Berger soon learned that building relationships with customers and colleagues was key to running a prospering company.

Today, ForeFront Corp.—which provides data management, integration, and mapping solutions to businesses—has more than 50 employees in Fair Haven, N.J. and Berger has worked hard to make relationship building a key tenet of her company’s culture.

Here are three lessons she’s learned while building her business from a one-woman startup to a thriving global technology consultancy.

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