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Energy Efficiency Ideas For Businesses | The Startup Magazine

Business people often say that it is necessary to spend money in order to make money. However, there are certainly some areas in which savings are especially appreciated and needed. In terms of the overall balance sheet, spending money on some green energy strategies can be hard to swallow in the short term, but beneficial in the long run.

It is not surprising that numerous business owners feel nervous out making major outlays in this realm and question whether the instant hit to capital funds are worth any savings generated down the road. Though it is likely that case that doing so will in fact produce financial gains in the future, knowing how to finance these upgrades often proves challenging.

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Sustainable City Lights Have a Flowery Approach to Life – GreenPacks

City lights have to be one of the biggest energy suckers around, and making them more efficient should lead to massive energy savings.

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How Does the Bloom Box Energy Server Work? | Fast Company

Produce your own energy with out solar!

Bloom hopes that a scaled-down version device can be used in homes. A residential Bloom Box would produce 1 kW of power and cost approximately $3,000.

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Nike Launches GreenXchange for Corporate Idea-Sharing | Fast Company

GreenXchange, a Web-based marketplace that Nike claims will allow “companies [to] collaborate and share intellectual property (IP) which can lead to new sustainability business models and innovation.” In other words, it’s a giant think tank for corporate sustainability.

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