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Does coffee really stunt kids’ growth? | Live Science

One reason coffee isn’t usually given to kids may be the widely held belief that the caffeinated beverage can stunt children’s growth. But is there any truth to this idea?

The answer is a resounding “no”: There’s no evidence that coffee or caffeine stunts childhood growth and development.

Instead, a person’s height is largely governed by other factors. For example, hundreds of genes so far identified are thought to be responsible for approximately 16% of a person’s adult height.

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How to Make Better Coffee at Home | WIRED

MANY OF US are sheltering in place, which probably means forgoing that morning trip to the coffee shop. Fear not though, it’s possible to make coffeehouse-quality coffee in your own kitchen.

Engineering a better cup of coffee isn’t difficult. But first you need to figure out what “better” means to you. There is no single right cup of coffee, there’s just the best version of what you love. Do you love your coffee rich and dark—thick enough to stand a spoon in, as my grandfather used to say? Or do you prefer something brighter, more of a medium roast that doesn’t overwhelm you with bitterness? Or perhaps you prefer a light coffee with some cream and sugar.

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On The Go Carafe | CoolBusinessIdeas.com

Good news for coffee and tea drinkers: No more wasting time and energy waiting for the perfect cup. Thanks to Heatworks, the company responsible for creating an innovative new heating carafe, you won’t have to. Using patented Heatworks’ Ohmic Array Technology, the DUO Smart Untethered Carafe has the power to heat (or cool!) water to the exact degree while you pour.

The DUO Carafe has Frog Design to thank for its modern, sleek exterior, and it is the third in a line of award-winning collaborations between the two companies. When it comes to functionality, convenience and stylish appearance, the DUO looks like quite the game changer.

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Could your morning coffee be a source of sustainable energy? | Mashable

Coffee fuels the people and, to some extent, the economy. But why stop there?

Arthur Kay was studying architecture at The Bartlett, UCL where he was set the challenge of designing a coffee shop and coffee roaster. During the process he, “quickly realized that coffee was being wasted everywhere. It was pouring out of coffee shops, office blocks, transport hubs and factories.”

Instead of seeing this waste as a challenge, Kay looked at it as an opportunity and discovered a way to refine the phenomenally high oil content in waste coffee grounds into biodiesel. He calls this remarkable discovery a ‘happy surprise’, but what happened next was considered, determined and very coincidental.

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I Am Truly The Worst | Peter Mehit


My daughter is a trainer and wholesale relationship manager for Four Barrel coffee, an independent coffee roaster in San Francisco.  Through my daughter’s work, I’ve learned that there is an extremely passionate world around the constellation of similar roasters such as Blue Bottle, Sight Glass and Intelligencia.  It is a world of cuppings, flavor notes and events that rival the wine world.  This universe has its hipster Robert Parkers, high price tag offerings and barista competitions where winners walk off with $50,000 prizes.

But we’re not going to talk about that world.  Last Saturday night, Dinosaur Coffee, a shop that features Four Barrel’s coffees, had a parody event called the “First Annual World’s Worst Coffee Competition”.  Michelle, the owner, has built a wonderful space that has already become a hit in the neighborhood.  It was the perfect stage for the event.

The official judges rubric evaluated the coffee based on quality (one measure, pleasant to disgusting), the performance of the competitor and originality.  There were seven competitors and the point was to produce the worst possible coffee imaginable.  The audience and judges were not disappointed.

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Wacaco saves the workday with hand-powered portable espresso machine | Designboom.com

The workplace of is filled with employees that are powered by warm brews of coffee throughout the day. in order to get their fix, they escape, just for a couple minutes, to the nearest shop around the corner or walk down the thin pathways between cubicles towards the break room. once a cup has been poured, every sip is a hybrid of rejuvenation and relaxation so they can focus on the tasks ahead. but getting a dose of caffeine isn’t always easy. there can be long lines served by overwhelmed baristas or unclean, burnt pots left in the office from the day before. taking away the stress that can consume a person during this sequence of events, wacaco has developed ‘minipresso’, a device that helps you prepare shots with the quality of a traditional machine.

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Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? | livescience.com

It’s proven that the caffeine in coffee stimulates the brain, but there’s something in a cup of joe that can also jump-start the other end of the body.That’s right: Coffee can make you poop. And though a number of studies have attempted to explain the effect of a cup of java on the bowels, scientists have yet to determine what it is about the beverage that sends some imbibers running to the restroom.

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The Buzz vs. The Bulge | Information is beautiful

1276_buzz_v_bulge (1)


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The Coffee Connecting Machine | Coolbusinessideas.com

The Singapore Economic Development Board has created one of the most interesting brewing units the world has ever seen: the Coffee Connector. Here’s a machine which removes all awkwardness of initial contact, and as a bonus, gives you and your new acquaintance a cup of hot coffee.

The device senses when two people are standing in front of it, waiting for coffee. Users step up on its platform and enter details such as their names and what topics interest them, e.g., technology, health care and sustainability. As the machine begins to brew, exposed mechanics show the spectacle of coffee-making, creating a mesmerizing conversation starter.

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Martin Diedrich: Human, being | Peter Mehit

martin diedrich“Think about this: People get out of bed and spend their entire day on a man made surface, never touching anything natural with their bare feet. People drive in climate controlled cars so they don’t have to worry about global warming. Cars are sold for the entertainments they possess. We’re zipping down the road at death defying speeds in total isolation. We go to jobs where we sit in cubicles all day long. People feel isolated and disconnected.”  Martin Diedrich’s Kean Coffee is an antidote to this isolation and disconnectedness, a chance to reconnect and reenergize. His goal is to be the new town square.

We met with him at his coffeehouse in Newport Beach. It was a hive of activity. “You’re established in this business when the guests know each other,” he says looking at the knots of people coming and going from the space. His goal is to create an ‘urban refuge’ a place where people connect over coffee and leave the hubbub of the day behind. To that end, there is no free wifi. Unlike most coffeehouses, people are talking to each other, not staring at screens. On this day, every seat was full and the space was loud with conversation.

“You can make this anywhere; people are people, “he says pausing to sip his coffee, “People are social creatures. They love to gather together, and hang out with one another. The sad thing is (society has) departed from that in a major way. I think today people yearn for opportunities to get together. ”

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