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Can carbon fiber car panels double as energy storage materials? | New Atlas

Carbon fiber as we know it is one of the most impressive materials in our toolkit. Its incredible lightness and strength has seen it take hold in everything from competitive cycling, to supercar design to cutting edge aircraft. But could it also play a role in energy storage? One team of scientists has been exploring the possibilities, and say that carefully engineered forms of the material do indeed boast the necessary electrochemical properties, raising some interesting possibilities for weight-saving vehicle design.

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Toyota recalls more than 6 million vehicles | money.cnn.com

Toyota announced five recalls on Wednesday, affecting a total of 6.39 million vehicles globally.

The recalls cover 27 Toyota (TM) models — including Camry, Corolla, Matrix and Highlander. Two of those models were made by joint manufacturing ventures and sold under other brands: the Pontiac Vibe and the Subaru Trezia. Some of the vehicles were made as early as 2004.

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Distracted Walking Injuries Quadruple — Mobile Devices to Blame? | TechCrunch

The number of citizens wandering into ditches, on-coming cars, and each other while staring at electronics has “quadrupled”, according to the Associated Press

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What Your Car Color Says About Society

But that’s changed. People are hanging on to their cars longer, and don’t know when they’ll buy their next new set of wheels. Instead of flashiness, people are trying to show quiet sophistication.

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Trade Your Car For A Free Lifetime Bus Pass (If You Live In Murcia) | Fast Company

Seeing that, a lifetime trolley pass looks quite enticing. While many cities have campaigns to encourage public transit use, and a few use congestion pricing to help limit the number of cars in the city centers, this is an impressive use of city funds to directly influence how people get around the city.

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We Are Approaching Peak Car Use | Fast Company

Many major cities have seen a decline in driving over the past few years. The reasons for this are varied, but if it’s a continuing trend, it’s going to mean drastic changes for the way we shape our cities.

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Where’s my flying car?|money.cnn.com

Since the 1930s, more than 30 patents have been filed for flying car designs, documenting the dreams of dozens of aviation entrepreneurs enthralled by Jetsonian ideals of zooming around dodging traffic in tiny, efficient personal aircrafts.

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