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American Airlines baggage fee lawsuit. Am I owed money? | Fast Company

There is perhaps no greater annoyance in the nickel-and-dime economy than surprise airline fees. From extra leg room to booze to unaccompanied minors, carriers seem to be finding increasingly creative ways to squeeze a little extra profit out of every last warm body in the air. And since they own the airplanes, what can we really do?

Well, some savvy flyers fought back in court, and now American Airlines has agreed to pay $7.5 million to settle a lawsuit over what the passengers said were illegitimate baggage fees. In a lawsuit filed early last year, the plaintiffs claimed that they were incorrectly charged to check their luggage, despite being part of a loyalty program that promised free bag checks or being promised free bag checks via email.

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Flight Delayed? Here’s Why It’s Probably the Airline’s Fault | Inc.com

It’s the euphemisms that kill you.

You get to the airport early. You check in. You get to the gate.

And then you get slapped in the face by “operational difficulties.”

At least that’s the phrase I seem to have heard once too often when I’m desperate to just get home.

You might imagine, though, that especially in the summertime of storms, that the weather is actually the biggest cause of flight delays.

Not any more, it isn’t.

Neither is someone in air-traffic control pushing the wrong button.

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4 Pain Points of Future Flights and How to Handle Them | Entrepreneur

Here’s the good news: Airfares are down. According to fare-prediction app Hopper, rates in September dropped a substantial 18 percent from the previous year. And all signs point to a bottoming-out this month, at an average domestic round-trip price of $204. Now, the bad: Airline consolidation and the continued softening of the European economy, among other concerns, have some analysts nervous about the future of flying. But don’t panic just yet. Although the following warning signs seem to indicate that things could get worse for fliers, there may be ways to ease at least some of the pain.

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Airlines told to advise passengers against packing extra batteries | Mashable

Lithium batteries and airplanes don’t get along very well.

The U.S. government is strongly urging airlines to tell passengers not to pack spare lithium batteries in checked luggage because they can ignite and fuel fires in baggage compartments.

Batteries have been the culprit in an increasing number of incidents. Most recently, an Alaska Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing Buffalo when a credit card reader began smoking.

Aircraft manufacturers have warned about large shipments of batteries in a plane’s cargo, but the Federal Aviation Administration’s warning takes it further.

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As Norwegian Air Battles U.S. Airline Industry, Anthony Foxx Faces a Tough Choice | Forbs.com

It was easy for Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to fine GM $35 million, to declare that “silence can kill” and that “What GM did was break the law.”After all, it is clear that GM delayed a recall of 2.6 million cars after it knew ignition switches were defective, and that the delays caused deaths.Deciding whether to approve Norwegian Air Shuttle’s application to fly to the U.S., after the carrier filed for registration in Ireland, is far tougher.

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Air China Special Livery | airlinereporter.com

When I was visiting Paine Field recently, I caught a glimpse of a special livery from Air China. Yesterday  the Boeing 777-300ER was delivered to the airline and Boeing shared some background information on the unique design.The aircraft displays 40 different smiling Chinese faces to represent the role that Chinese aviation has played in bringing China to the world.

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Robert Sayegh, Delta Passenger, Kicked Off Plane For Using F-Word – AOL Travel News

Robert Sayegh was flying back from his cousin’s wedding on Sunday on a Delta flight, when, while complaining about a delay, he used the F-word to a fellow passenger and was promptly kicked off the flight.

If this is the new criteria, I will never be able to fly again – Ed.

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Complaining About the TSA Will Get You Targeted by the TSA | New York News

“arrogant complaining about airport security is one indicator Transportation Security Administration officers consider when looking for possible criminals and terrorists,”

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