RV Cummins Hybrid Energy Concept | Cool Business Ideas 

Global power company Cummins is exploring how RVers can ease their reliance on gasoline while still enjoying all the off-grid power they need to run camping equipment and accessories at camp. Its new hybrid concept seamlessly blends battery storage and gas-driven generation to decrease noise and emissions while still offering days of power.

Much like RV makers themselves have been doing for years now, Cummins starts its electrical system with a large lithium-ion leisure battery designed to store ample energy for running a variety of onboard camper equipment, on or off grid. Instead of relying solely on solar panels and vehicle alternator charging to keep the 6.7-kWh battery topped off, however, Cummins adds in a 2.8-kW Onan QG 2800i gasoline generator for ensuring the batteries don’t deplete to zero.

Cummins says the combination offers the same amount of overall power as a 5-kW generator but with less noise, emissions and vibration. The batteries operate silently, while the QG 2800i has been designed for efficient operation with less noise and vibration than larger generators. A comparison of spec sheets puts the sound level of the 2800i at 65 dB(A) compared to 69 dB(A) for the 5.5-kW Onan QG 5500 RV generator.

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