Pixel keyboard can be customized with Lego bricks | Cool Business Ideas

You can build just about anything out of Lego, and now that even includes your keyboard. Pixel is a new mechanical keyboard from MelGeek that can be customized with Lego bricks around the rim, on the back or even on the keys themselves.

At its core, the Pixel looks like any old keyboard, complete with 88 keys in all the right places (here’s hoping you won’t miss a num pad). The difference is that the whole thing is dotted with the familiar bumps that stick to Lego pieces – or should we say generic “building bricks,” since Lego itself doesn’t seem to have been consulted.

Anyway, the wide open spaces around the edges of the keyboard are your playground to decorate with patterns, pictures, words, or whatever else you can think of to procrastinate when you should be working. The back of the Pixel is also a big canvas for your artistic expression, although we’re not sure how many people are going to see it under there. You can even pop off the plastic keycaps and stick a brick onto each key, with three different color schemes on offer. And no modern PC accessory is complete without some gaudy lights. On the Pixel they line the edges and sit above the directional arrows.

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