The pros and cons of FCL shipping | Cool Business Ideas 

The term FCL stands for “full container load.” When you ship FCL, your goods get their container that is not shared with the cargo of other shippers. LCL stands for “less than container load” and means your goods will share space in a container with other shippers’ products.

The advantages of using FCL shipping

There are definite advantages to using fcl shipping, especially if you have a large volume of goods to send.

Your cargo is not subject to damage

First, your product will not be subject to damage that could occur from shifting and possible breakage during loading and unloading when it shares space with other items in an LCL shipment.

Faster shipping

Secondly, FCL shipping is generally faster since your product doesn’t have to be consolidated with others before it is shipped or before it is unloaded at its destination.

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