How You’re Driving Employees Away | Business

Company leadership has a major impact on employee satisfaction and retention. Instead of scaring your top talent away, follow these tips to be a great boss.

Horrible Bosses might have been an entertaining comedy, but if you’ve ever worked for a bad boss before, you probably found yourself empathizing with Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman’s characters when they decided to, uh, murder their bosses.

Okay, so maybe murder is a little extreme when it comes to dealing with a bad boss, but quitting is definitely a viable option for most employees. When surveyed by GoodHire, 82% of American workers said they would potentially quit their job because of a bad manager. And since employee retention is a key element to company success, it’s important you put in the effort to be a good boss to your employees. Also, you probably don’t want to risk getting murdered.

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