5 Body Language Signs of a Manipulator | Entrepreneur

Manipulators come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Furthermore, not all of those who manipulate are inherently evil. Many people are unaware they are manipulating others. At one time or another, both you and I have used our influence to achieve a personal desire — it is basic human nature.

However, some intentionally manipulate others. They seek to lower another individual’s self-esteem and cause harm. They may say and do kind things when the “right” people are watching, but they ultimately seek their own success and gratification. It is these types of manipulators I have spent a great deal of my career identifying.

Throughout my time working for top governmental agencies, I learned a great deal about recognizing manipulators. My job was to befriend people to gather human intelligence. I participated in those activities for over a decade and learned a tremendous amount in those years. The skills I acquired during this time helped me to, quite literally, survive.

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