Biodegradable Sneakers | Cool Business Ideas 

They’re known as the first fully biodegradable shoe in the world. BLUEVIEW sneakers are made entirely with plant-based materials, proving that anything and everything can be sustainable if companies are bold enough to make it happen.

When exposed to air, every single part of these shoes will completely break down. It took scientists more than six years to work out a formula using plants to create a knitted upper material that could be used for shoes.

Additionally, the uppers used for these shoes are made from hemp and eucalyptus yarn. It’s a blend called Plant Knit and it’s the first plant-based, fully biodegradable machine knitted shoe uppers. Tencel and organic cotton are also used in the shoe uppers. The insoles and outsoles are made with plant-based foam that’s similar to polyurethane, but once again biodegradable.

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