5 Things I Learned Flying on the Worst Travel Weekend This Summer | Inc.com

It’s no secret that the summer of 2022 is a terrible time for air travel. Flight cancellations for the first six months of this year have already topped the total for all of 2021, making this year the second-worst year for flight cancellations ever, surpassed only by 2020, when the start of the pandemic brought air travel to a near-halt.

Flight cancellation statistics can just feel like abstract numbers, though, until it happens to you. I know, because it happened to me. As a speaker at the Collision Conference, I flew from Seattle to Toronto during the weekend of June 18-19. Overblown travel demand, nationwide storms, and staffing shortages all combined to make it the worst weekend for air travel on record, although that record may have been broken since. I’ve learned a lot from that experience, and from research I’ve done since. Here’s my best advice for surviving air travel this summer.

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