Startup Companies Need to Remain Vigilant and Be Alert to Cybersecurity Threats | The Startup Magazine

Startup companies can be lauded for their innovation, creativity and imaginative thinking, and rightly so. However, when it comes to cybersecurity issues and resolving them, perhaps not all startups know what to do or what to look out for. They often don’t have the cybersecurity tips they need to protect their assets.

One of the most important aspects a business leader can research and ask themselves is what is cyber threat intelligence? By the knowing the full details about that, business leaders can fully prepare themselves with the knowledge of knowing what to look out for.

If cybersecurity issues are left unattended, then this can contribute to devastating fraud consequences. Without effective security measures in place, fraudsters can easily take advantage of things.

In 2021, the estimated daily cost of fraud surpassed £375m, and this was the equivalent of consumers being able to purchase over 136 million daily cups of coffee!

With that in mind, let’s explore what cybersecurity measures can be taken to resolve any issues, as per the following ideas:

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