Three Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees |

Customer reception is vital for business. It’s what keeps the workplace active and able to make changes. Companies can determine how customers feel about certain products and services by using perceptual mapping and other marketing techniques, but how can you show your employees how you feel about them? While customers are extremely important, so are the employees that keep the business running, so it’s good to show them that they are appreciated for everything they do. But how can you do so?

Start the Feeding Frenzy

If there’s one thing that will win people over, it’s food. Everybody eats, and everybody has their own personal preferences, but occasionally buying lunch for the team will work wonders around the office. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would deny a free lunch. In fact, they’d likely be thrilled by your offer. You don’t have to do this every day, or even every week, but simply surprising your employees every once in a while will make them feel like you really care about them enough to do things you don’t have to—even if it’s as simple as getting them a sandwich.

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