Didn’t Get Your PPP Loan Fully Forgiven? There’s Still Hope. Let the SBA Know | Inc.com

For business owners who received only partial forgiveness on their Paycheck Protection Program loans, consider this your stay of execution.

On January 27, 2022, the Small Business Administration, the agency in charge of administering the PPP, quietly issued a procedural notice outlining a new review policy for borrowers who got a partial loan forgiveness decision from their lender, or were instructed to apply for less forgiveness than they wanted.

As of January 27, if you want to appeal a partial forgiveness decision you will have 30 days–from receipt of a lender’s post-remittance notification–to tell the lender. The lender must then file for a loan review on behalf of the borrower within five days. The same process applies to borrowers whose lenders prevented them from applying for full forgiveness.

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