How to Engage Remote Employees in 5 Simple Steps |

Employee engagement isn’t easy. However, it becomes even more elusive when you experience the same challenges in a completely remote environment. As a co-founder of an employee engagement platform, I had a front seat to the moment when the whole world collectively went into a sudden lockdown, engagement levels plummeted, and companies scrambled to come up with a solution to engage their newly remote workforce.

Many believe that these days of remote working are limited, but I strongly disagree. While it’s tempting to think that these recent trends will only last as long as the world is still recovering from Covid-19, a McKinsey study says more than half of workers would like to work from home at least three days a week after the pandemic, and nearly a third say they would like to work remotely full time. Meanwhile, with the outpouring of support for the Great Resignation from employers, it is clear that some form of remote work or teleworking will be a permanent part of our future.

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