How These Two Women Are Changing the Braless Clothes Movement | Entrepreneur

Bras and boobs — many people worldwide who are reading this can be like “I understand!” when I complain about how uncomfortable bras can be at times. Either the bras are cute but are meant for women with smaller bust sizes, or are ugly and expensive if you have a bigger bust. That’s where Frankly Apparel comes into play: they are a braless clothing company – the first of its kind – and they’re here to change things for those of us with bigger cup sizes.

Founders Heather Eaton and Jane Dong met at Stanford’s MBA program and successfully launched their braless clothing company via a Kickstarter campaign during the worst time of society’s existence. Heather is a former management consultant from Chicago’s Deloitte office, where she worked on everything from innovation-focused non-profits to movie studios. Jane worked at Goldman Sachs in New York as an Investment Banker where she was recruited after attending Columbia as a recruited golfer. When she realized paper storage company mergers weren’t her jam, she joined Uber and eventually ran UberEats US & Canada Driver Acquisition.

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