Performance- Tracking Earbuds | Cool Business Ideas

It was just this year that we heard about the Sonr radio system, which lets coaches talk to swimmers via a waterproof speaker worn by the latter. It’s a neat idea, but what happens when the coach isn’t around? Well, that’s where Athlos Live is designed to come in.

Presently on Indiegogo, Athlos Live takes the form of a connected set of waterproof earbuds, each one of which incorporates a relatively small electronic module. They’re linked via Bluetooth to an iOS/Android app on the athlete’s smartphone. Utilizing that app, the swimmer (or their coach) starts by creating a training session plan, then uploads it into the earbuds. That plan includes data such as how many laps of which strokes they have to complete, in what amount of time. They can also store up to 5,000 songs on the system.

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