Cryptocurrency Options in Employee 401(k) Plans |

87 percent of full-time employees expressed interest in diversifying their retirement investments with cryptocurrency

While major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are now household names, most Americans haven’t bought into this fast-growing asset class. One reason for this discrepancy is because the average American’s exposure to the broader investment market takes place through their employer-sponsored 401(k) plans.

And with so much volatility and so little regulation in cryptocurrency markets, traditionally risk-averse retirement managers have generally shied away from cryptocurrency investments.  But fresh data suggest the handful of companies already offering cryptocurrency retirement options are ahead of the curve.

New research on full-time employees preferences suggests that workers are interested in this new retirement savings option. These data suggest there is an untapped well of enthusiasm for cryptocurrency investments through a 401(k) plan; however, there remain variations in attitudes towards cryptocurrency investments depending on one’s age and current investments.

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