Manchester City’s soccer stadium now offers edible coffee cups | Fast Company

The Premier League, the most-watched league in the world, has restarted—with the thrill of fans back in the stands. Already, reigning champion Manchester City has bought breakout star Jack Grealish for a record £100 million, is mired in a tug of war for striker Harry Kane, and was dealt an unexpected opening game loss against Tottenham. But, the team’s quirkiest development this season may be off the pitch, over in the concessions stands.

Starting this weekend with Man City’s first home game, and throughout the season, Etihad Stadium will be serving hot drinks in edible coffee cups. The receptacles are made of wafer and keep their form when containing coffee, tea, or hot chocolate—and, crucially, don’t end up in the trash. The club announced the trial of the edible cups as part of a range of new concession-stand offerings for the upcoming season, many of which address environmental sustainability.

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