16 Tips for a Successful Lunch Meeting | Small Business Trends

As more and more business meetings move out of conference rooms and to more casual settings like lunch meetings, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Having a successful lunch meeting can yield a lot of benefits, since it can be a bit more relaxed and informal, and you can have more candid conversations.

To help you maximize your chances of success, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to lunch meetings filled with helpful tips and tricks.

What is a Working Lunch Meeting?

A working lunch meeting is a straightforward part of working life and can take several forms. You can have working meetings outside of the office by going to a nearby restaurant.

Or if you’re meeting a prospective client, taking them out to lunch can help you get to know them better in a more casual way, and you can conduct the meeting on neutral territory. Alternatively, you might invite attendees to a lunch meeting in the office, such as hosting a luncheon in a conference room.

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