7 Places Where Air Quality Sensors Are Most Effective | Digital Trends

Keeping your home’s air clean and free of pollutants is the work of an air purifier. While combative, these devices are designed to only break down and destroy pollutants — not to analyze them. That’s where an air quality monitor enters the equation. Today’s leading air quality monitors are engineered to detect the pollutants streaming through your home’s air. Here’s why that’s important. Volume 90%   The pollutants in our homes

Two of the most common airborne pollutants are fine particles and volatile organic compounds. Fine particles (PM 2.5) are microcosmic air particles with both indoor and outdoor sources. They’re created by everything from cooking and tobacco smoke, to vehicle exhausts and forest fires. Capable of being transported miles from their origins by wind, fine particles can wreak havoc on those with respiratory and heart conditions, children, and the elderly.

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