Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer |

Despite the current onslaught of “smart” devices, the humble handwritten sticky-note reminder is still hanging in there. That said, Amazon is planning on giving it a high-tech makeover of its own, with the Smart Sticky Note Printer.

The device takes the form of a compact thermal printer – meaning it doesn’t require any ink – which users load up with replaceable rolls of sticky-backed paper. It’s wirelessly linked with an existing compatible Echo device, which has to be located no farther than 30 feet (9 m) away.

When the user thinks of something that they wish to remember to do, they just say something like “Alexa, print a note, ‘Mow grass after work.’” They can also dictate a shopping list, or instruct the device to print out something such as a sudoko puzzle. The printer proceeds to do as it’s been told, neatly slicing the note off of the roll just like a till receipt printer.

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