Should You Buy or Lease an Office Copier? |

If you need a copy machine, you have two options for getting one: You can buy it outright or lease one. Before making a decision, understand the pros and cons of buying versus leasing.

Regardless of the industry your business operates in or its size, there is likely a good chance that paper documents have some sort of role in your business. And while many organizations are making an effort to reduce their paper use to become more eco-friendly, printing a contract, presentation or a simple spreadsheet is something many still need to do. When it’s time to invest in an office copier, which for many these days doubles as an office printer, for your business, a good place to start is assessing the needs of your organization.

Would you prefer to own and maintain your equipment for the long haul, or does it make more sense to pay a steady monthly bill to lease the latest tech with regular updates and scheduled maintenance? There are benefits and drawbacks to either route, and understanding the differences could be critical to how your business operates in the future.

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