Romrod Portable Fitness Device |

Maintaining your regular workout routine isn’t easy due to a lack of access to your usual gear. That extends to warm up gear, which is often a makeshift piece of equipment such as a PVC pipe or dowel rod, which are very simple yet extremely versatile. Unfortunately, versatility doesn’t equal portability – until now. The RomRod is a portable rod mobility fitness device perfect for a wide variety of warm up exercises that is easy to ensure is always at hand.

Frustrated by being unable to find a simple PVC pipe at a gym while on the road, the creators of the RomRod came up with a device that, like many great inventions, is stunning in its simplicity, yet offers so much more than is apparent at first glance. Made from heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum and stainless steel to ensure a longer life, and with a standard checkered knurl and other markings, the RomRod gives users a real metal feeling and grip in the hand.

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