How To Protect Your Business From Ransomware Attacks | Small Business Trends

Cybercrime is evolving rapidly thanks to the pace at which technology is improving. Ransomware is one of the most common forms of attack businesses face. Many large businesses have fallen victim to ransomware attacks, and unfortunately, this perpetuates the impression that small and medium-sized companies aren’t on an attacker’s radar. This is not the case.

In October 2019, an IT consulting firm based in Wisconsin paid an undisclosed sum to an attacker who had blocked client access to patient medical records. While just 20% of ransomware victims are small businesses, over 85% of security service providers report that ransomware is one of the most common threats a small business faces.

To create a plan to protect yourself from a ransomware attack, you need to execute certain steps to make your business resilient. You also need to prepare for the worst-case scenario where you’ll be attacked.

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