73% Think It’s OK to Text Clients After Business Hours | Small Business Trends

Texting is now as much of a business communication tool as the phone and email. And just like those, you must follow the same etiquette for the people you are communicating with. The problem is, users, think it is different, and the same rules don’t apply.

A new report from Carphonewarehouse proves this very point. In the survey, 73% of the respondents feel it is OK to text clients after business hours. This is driven by the casual nature of texting, which makes people wrongly assume they can chat whenever they want. While it may be OK in your personal life, it can have unintended consequences in business.

The report says, “Once you’ve got your boss/colleague/client/customer’s number in your phone, you’re only one bad text away from potentially railroading your entire career.”

Adding, “So, where’s the line when it comes to texting in business?”

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