Workday BrandVoice: How To Support Employees In Their Roles As Caregivers | Forbes

Mother’s Day is nearly here—a time to celebrate women and their roles as caregivers. While it’s an invaluable job, it can also be underappreciated at times. So as we approach this special day, I want to take a moment to focus on that word, caregivers, and the full reach of its meaning.

First, I’m a caregiver for my son. He’s a typical toddler—funny, energetic, stubborn, and learning at about a thousand miles an hour. My husband and I, who both have careers, are focused on being present, engaged, and giving him all the love and support he deserves, so we manage the delicate balance of ensuring one of us is always in the right place at the right time.

I’m also a caregiver to my dad. He is 86 and has progressive dementia. Late one night a few years ago, a neighbor found him, confused, in the front yard of his house in Atlanta. We soon found out he was no longer able to take his heart medications or handle basic tasks at home.

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