5 Expectations You Need to Set for Every Employee | Getentrepreneurial.com

Even if you’ve never owned a business and you’ve never managed a team of people before, you should have at least a rough idea of the value of setting proper expectations. For example, if you walk into an account management role expecting to only manage client relationships, but you end up having to tackle tons of administrative responsibilities too, you might end up disappointed. Alternatively, you could focus only on what you were expecting to accomplish, but your boss will end up disappointed.

Expectations are a form of communication that remove ambiguities from language, clear up any misconceptions in advance, and help all parties walk into a relationship with clear understandings of the values, significance, and direction of that relationship. Clear communication of expectations, well in advance, is critical for a healthy employer-employee relationship.

That being said, some expectations can go without saying. So how do you know which expectations you have to set for your employees?

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