Choosing Your Company’s Core Values | Business

This is a collection of lessons I’ve learned that relate to how companies should choose and live by their core values. At Thrive, we live by “relationships and results,” and it’s more than just a tagline.

The memory is almost 30 years old now. But it still resonates to my core.

The setting for this vivid recollection is a Target store. One of my elementary school teachers just happens to be there too.

It was one of those moments where you see your teacher outside of school and you just freeze.

My mother told me to go over and say hello. But I was shy and refused. My mother grabbed my shoulders, looked me in the eye and delivered some advice that’s never left me: “Matt, relationships matter. People matter. You need to go say hello to your teacher.”

That’s now ingrained in my business at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. “Relationships matter” is one of our core values.

What are your core values? Here are some tips for building your business culture.

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