Adweek Puts a Spotlight on Chicago, the Brand Hub That’s Become a Capital of Culture | Adweek

The best dinner of your life. Your next job. The next great startup. All could easily be waiting for you in Chicago.

To those in Chicago, all this is obvious fact. But there’s always been a sort of veil around the city that keeps the rest of the world from appreciating or even understanding the scope of what it has to offer. Perhaps it’s the region’s signature Midwestern humility, or maybe it’s simply a matter of geographic distance from other major urban markets (Chicago is 800 miles from New York and 2,000 from Los Angeles).

Whatever the reason, if you haven’t been paying attention to Chicago, you’ve been missing a hell of a lot. Corporations are moving back downtown from the suburbs, the tech industry is advancing today’s hottest emerging fields, agencies are producing some of the world’s best marketing and the culinary scene—always one of the nation’s best—is absolutely overloaded with inventive food, unique destinations, a legion of craft brewers and much more.

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